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Our Heritage

Join in a story of old-world elegance and style, over a century in the making, and immerse yourself in the distinctive character and rich history of Moose Lodge Estate.

Immerse yourself in the timeless atmosphere and discover the unplumbed depths and unique heritage of the North Island’s oldest luxury lodge and estate.

A Timeless Romance

As with so many things it started with a love story…

Imagine a time where new frontiers still beckoned and exceptional individuals possessing vision, drive, and a pioneering spirit could change the world. In the late nineteenth century, at the height of the Victorian era, a distinguished gentleman travelled to the far-flung reaches of the world in search of a unique honeymoon experience to share with his new bride, bringing him to remote shores of New Zealand.

Having just wed, Dr Frederik Raynor did not expect to find love again so soon, but he became entranced and captivated by the untouched beauty of this new land and love blossomed. He fell under the spell of New Zealand’s rolling green countryside and became smitten with this pristine world. The land enthralled and inspired him…from majestic mountains that pierced a firmament smattered with countless stars to rushing rivers and crystal-clear lakes, from steep rugged gorges to steaming pools of mineral-dense water welling up from the depths of the earth, he loved it all.

Leaving his homeland in Canada, the good doctor moved to New Zealand in search of a place where his vision could blossom into reality. In 1898, Dr Raynor discovered the perfect magical spot situated on an elevated knoll that looked out over sweeping views of the calm pristine waters of Lake Rotoiti, and the dream that was Moose Lodge was established.

A Stunning Vision

Situated amidst the sparkling string of lakes scattered amidst the lush countryside of the North Island’s lake district, the lodge and estate have been lovingly kept, updated, and renovated. While few have held the keys to this magical kingdom, each of the brief but exclusive list of guardians has engaged in a labour of love, making their mark over the years, instilling their own personal touches and adding modern improvements, yet always staying true to the heritage and core aesthetic of the property.

Come with us and immerse yourself in our story, join us as guardians of the time-honoured vision that has fostered over a century of history and tradition. Discover an experience that has been savoured by heads of state, celebrities, high-society, and even royalty for over a century and write your own chapter.

A Royal Pedigree

From one man’s dream of a country hideaway has risen a vision of genteel elegant luxury, a shining beacon of sophistication that has enticed the rich and famous and the crème de la crème of high-society for decades. Join the exclusive company of a plethora of illustrious guests, ranging from celebrities to heads of state, to even royalty.

Join us, enter your name into the annals of history, and walk in the footsteps of royalty. Share in a truly unique experience that has amazed generations of guests and discover the timeless beauty of Moose Lodge Estate.

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