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Imagine a sanctuary steeped in charm and authentic simplicity, where you can bask in elegant personalised care while surrounded by the understated luxury of our heritage countryside estate.

Give yourself over to the attentive care of our staff, and enjoy unobtrusive, intuitive, and timely service available at your fingertips. Relax and socialise within the comfortable sophisticated atmosphere of the lodge, surrounded by nature and shades of history, and discover the exclusive allure and unique charm that permeates every facet of the estate.

Travel to paradise and discover this hidden gem, nestled along the shores of Lake Rotoiti, offering expansive views of the surrounding hills and tranquil lakeshore. Watch the sunrise and enjoy the quiet secluded ambience as mist rises over the calm waters of the lake, and meanders among the trees and gardens lining the shoreline. Stay a while and discover the estate’s many moods, varied and mercurial, while enjoying the stunning views that have entranced both owners and guests for over a century.

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